Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Concerto numb3rs - Sheet music Origami

I fold the moon into a crane
that would soar across the sky with 999 kindred,
if let,

but slide it into my back pocket,
in the place reserved for love notes & old photographs,
a 1000 words
                               in a pale reflection
                               of the one

Which sounds a lot like math,
as if we could just find the right formula, isolate the right
variable – it all might make sense.

Gravity is so misleading,
you would think it was human, holding us
in invisible arms,

keeping us
from spinning off & perhaps that is why they never find life
out there // but it’s perfect,

too much and we’d be crushed, slouch,
crawl along on our stomachs. I hear music, when my lips
trace the bridge of your neck.

It’s classical.
Something with strings.
So unlike what drives me to work. The moon in my pocket pulls
at the water inside

me, the crane
wanting to escape, across the waves.

Or is that


  1. That reference to 1000 cranes bring up images of survival... and maybe it's more of that than anything else, when we are crawling... that music what a great confirmation that we have made it through

  2. Love the comments about gravity, that one would almost think it was human in the way that holds us in its arms! Enjoyed the reference to the 1000 cranes...actually saw 1000 paper cranes hanging in a church here last weekend!

  3. Or is that you...... brings intimacy into the questions . Nice.

  4. This poem and the one below it seem joined for me--both about that gravitational pull of affinity, or perhaps obsession, that we sometimes call love, or the moon, a mistress of great pull and remoteness. Both fine poetry, X--but then that is all you are writing these days. Love the folding crane.

  5. Oh this is truly exceptional, "X"...I actually FELT the words I was reading...all the emotion...and that wonderful classical music.
    "The moon in my pocket pulls at the water inside me." How powerfully those words moved me...a feeling far too deep to put into mere words.

    Oh I SO love this. Truly.
    It is pure genius...:))

  6. mY favoRite aesThetic expressiOns aRe oNe's inspiRing endLess dReams oF inefFAble fActs.. numBers.. leTters.. woRds.. symboLs.. aLL fORms 4iNeffAble esSence.. GraVity mY enemY oNce.. G8D's besTfriend.. acCording t0 HawKinG.. maKing frieNds witH GravitY makinG frienDs wITh G*D oNe sAMe.. n0 l0nGer afRaid.. stanDinG sTiLL oR moVing breezewiNds.. balAnce.. bLiss.. ceNter eYes BellY.. n0 loNger swayinG toWers PizZa.. butT yoU fEel whAt i FEeL.. sMiles.. uGh.. UGHX1000.. fEar oF falLinG driVes mE worKing sO manY yeaRs.. N0W.. fl0aTinG wITh G0d's yEARs sImpLy.. GravITy'S bEst fRiend.. nO l0nger falLing SeAs LAnd.. terresTrial frienDs.. wHere 'you' iS 'me' sAMe..finAlly SaNE..:)

  7. And yes.. uGh.. i continue
    struggleS expresSinG more as Less

  8. i love the image of folding the moon into a crane and the intimacy of putting it in the back pocket - that one of thousand set apart in the most special way - a lot of tender intimacy and thoughtfulness in this one
    also love the gravity part - the balance between having to crouch on the floor and losing connection by drifting away - maybe needs some daily adjustment

  9. This left me smiling... love the play on gravity, beginning with the paper crane not allowed to fly, but cherished all the same.

    And love and gravity so often can mirror each other, yes?

    This is beautiful and thought-provoking, both.

  10. I love that opening line with the crane and later how you close with the moon in your pocket pulling at the water inside

    Gravity is so misleading,
    you would think it was human, holding us
    in invisible arms,

    I also love this and wish I'd written it so I could make a poem around it. Gravity is one of my favorite poetical topics


    1. Feel free to take the lines and write from them. I would love to read it

  11. One of my X favorites ... ever! So many wonderful lines .. invisible gravity, an origami moon, lips creating music, sigh sigh.

  12. Love the moon and the crane, folding & spinning off ~ There is gravity on earth, but we must not let gravity tie our ideas and imaginations down ~ Music pulls me, even there is actually no strings around, unlike work & taking the train ~

    Have a good week ~

  13. "Or is that you?" I adore your love poems, so deep. I love the hearing of music, classical, "something with strings." Have you seen that ad on facebook where musicians play whale sounds out in the ocean and the whales answer back and then dive around their barge? It is way cool.

  14. Yes, that video on FB, a commercial actually is truly stunning. I hear classical music when in the mountains, as clouds & small planes pass below me. I hear the blues, and rock n' roll when making love; just saying. This is yet another X-cellent poem. You do kick some ass. I like the lines /I hear music, when my lips/trace the bridge /of your neck./It's classical/.

  15. ... reminds me so much of that commercial I saw on TV years ago ... it played a classical piece of music and also whales singing ... it showed 2 whales swimming and singing ... and then the music and singing got faint til in the end no sound at all ... and the worst thing was: the whales disappeared as well ...

  16. The emotions you put on this poem is beautiful and classical in the sense of love and music.

    Excellent job my friend. I love especially the moon crane...brilliant. :)

  17. I love origami so this imagery really speaks to me ~ folding the moon into a crane and putting it into your back pocket with love notes and old photographs ~ such lovely sentiments.

  18. "isolate the right --- very able" ... I love that. We are "very able" to isolate what's right, aren't we? We should probably do that.

    I love it when you stick anything math-related into your poems. You know how I feel about math, as well as music, of course.

    "Gravity is so misleading,
    you would think it was human, holding us
    in invisible arms" ... I think this is everyone's favorite part, including mine.

    "too much and we’d be crushed" ... True.

    Classical music is an instant relaxer. And neck kisses are instant exciters. So I like the contrast there, the tug-of-war between emotions/physical reactions.

    I really love the image of the moon being carried around in your pocket; that is really cool.

    I like the way you employ the homophone capabilities of the word "crane," implying the extreme force of the moon pulling you in another direction. But it can stop having power over you just as soon as you take it out of your pocket. Easy peasy. Then you can be content right where you are, in the midst of all the people who love you and need you so much.

    Beautiful poem.

  19. This is frickin' breathtaking. And by that I mean that about midway, I stopped breathing. And then I got to that crane at the end and perhaps set her free with my huge exhale. Man. I am thankful to have read this today. Thank you.

  20. I remember, years ago when I was a child, a radio serial where people landed on a planet without gravity and they suffered from 'space sickness' because with the lack of gravity they were afraid of drifting off the planet surface into space and wanted to 'crawl along on their bellies'... Gravity does have its uses. Loved this imaginative journey x.

  21. too much of a good/perfect
    thing/person can be far more crushing
    than nothing at all;
    thankfully music is the answer
    and healer