Friday, July 10, 2015

The dangerous tryst of books (or something else entirely)

photo by _FXR

The last page,
                     last word

dangling precarious
from our lips

final punctuation,
like a dimple on our cheeks,
nice & neat

in feigned complete-
           we close                   the binding,
as if to contain
                      & shelve it ---

relieved it will always be
         should we want---

to go back,
                 revisit,                never changing,
just as we left it
                            (as if ---)
we give it away,
so it can wreak havoc

but it never leaves


  1. That is the worst feeling in the world to me ... finishing a really good book. It's like losing your best friend. Especially if it's a series that goes on and on over several books. ---Completing the Harry Potter series broke my heart. Same with Hunger Games. I will always carry Harry and Katniss deep inside me. And I will probably never tire of rereading their books. Even the movies get my pulse thumping faster.

    I would NEVER give away my favorite book, though.
    But I wouldn't have a problem stealing someone else's.
    Apparently I have no conscience.

  2. Oh.. the end of a book is like a parting.. sometimes amicably but too often like a parting.. and it will never be the same again.... and this could be a metaphor as well.

  3. ah...most books that we choose to read are like that...'but it never leaves / us" for sure...

  4. It is such a complicated mix of emotions loss and joy. When I find a book, a game, something I really love it penetrates to the marrow, it is me so it cannot be forgotten


  5. and they cling on to us.....................

  6. Books and intimacy are indeed a tryst that has great power--not sure about the danger, but perhaps anything we give ourselves to completely is dangerous...and each relationship, with it's dangles and dimples and binding, is a volume all on its own.

  7. ... a guuud poem ... a guuud book ... a guuud person ... they will never leave us ... hmmm? ... Love, cat.

  8. The angles of nearness....more often these relationships are closer than such with people...

    1. Was wondering who would find that first.

  9. I wonder about the stories of life..they are never ending each chapter there to re-read and then there are the unwritten pages..or the pages tucked away to treasure..Words that connect us to each other...some books become a part of us..closer than we ever thought possible..and in a quiet moment I sometimes want to jump inside a good book and be part of that altered realty..for there is comfort there I think..ok..jmo..

  10. A good book lives with us for a long, long time!

  11. such a different angle of nearness that we can find to someone through their words... i think it's as if looking right into their heart and without seeing physically much more than what we could with our eyes..

  12. There are so many books I carry with me, classics that I have on my bookshelf that have been read and reread, And there are other stories that stay with me for different reasons, sometimes disturbing reasons such as 'In Cold Blood' by Capote. Regardless of the reason, when a story leaves any impression. that is the best gift that we take from the reading!! I'll take that "tryst!"

  13. I like the little mini-poem on the right: "the binding never changing." If only that were really true in relationships. But glue doesn't really hold all that well, does it? I've had a lot of books (and loves) completely fall apart at the spine, ending up in the trash as if they'd never happened. Such is the way of hearts and books, unless they are made of strong material and have some serious sticking power, especially if you're going to keep rereading them and handling them roughly. Who can ever tell which ones will hold whom?

    "The last page,
    last word"

    We all want to have the last word, don't we?

    Your hidden, bold poem was a nice touch. It tells us why "books" are dangerous. If they get too close, they begin to unravel US, not just themselves.

    Very strong writing, X.

  14. It never, ever, leaves us indeed. What a beauty. This might be my favourite poem by you. You capture the magic of the last page of a book. Especially if it's one we have enjoyed. What I tend to do nowadays is go back to the first page and read about half a dozen pages from there onwards to remind myself why I reached this last page.

    Greetings from London.

  15. Some books have powerful words that never leave us, even if we give them away ~ The title also refers perhaps to people, smiles ~

  16. They do leave something behind, each book that we read...

  17. Books do speak to us, affecting the way we look at things. Opening us up to different viewpoints... Interesting.